Objectives and Scope


The aim of the LGMA is to promote generic medicinal products in Latvia by promoting development of legislation regulating pharmaceutical industries and pharmacies, cost efficient use of medicinal products aimed at improving availability of medicinal products and quality of healthcare services provided to the citizens and the public health in general.

Main Scope of the LGMA

  • Promote the use of qualitative and cost-efficient medicinal products and improve availability of healthcare
  • Inform society on generic and mutually replaceable medicinal products
  • Expand co-operation between manufacturers of generic medicinal products, healthcare professionals, public and non-governmental institutions aiming at balanced and structured pharmaceutical market
  • Expand international co-operation and exchange experience between scientific and public organisations operating in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector
  • Exchange views and information, as well as provide mutually fair competition, co-operation and compliance with the principles of the code of ethics between manufacturers, physicians and pharmacists